We are happy to provide all the technical and additional equipment you need to make your event a success. Please reserve the technical equipment you need so we can guarantee that your conference runs smoothly.
Personal and individual member care is very important to us. Inform us about any special wishes and requests when you make your reservation. Our club team is always at your side and happy to give you advice, from selecting a room to putting together a menu.

We can organise the following services:

  • Interpreter service
  • Secretarial service
  • Bookings in our partner hotels
  • Making or changing flight bookings
  • Special table decorations
  • Catering in the conference room or restaurant
  • Kosher food: Sohar’s (a renowned restaurant for kosher food) is one of our suppliers.
  • Meals for people with food intolerances: Just contact us.

We will take your wishes into consideration when preparing the food.

You can find an overview of the prices for the individual rooms in the table below. You can download our complete price list, which has more information on additional conference equipment you can rent, as a PDF at any time.

Conference Rooms

1Sylt31 m²12280 EUR
2St. Moritz12 m²4125 EUR
3Versailles14 m²6205 EUR
4Hollywood12 m²4125 EUR
5Newsroom20 m²8265 EUR
6Capetown20 m²8265 EUR
7Relax Lounge12 m²4125 EUR
8Luxembourg14 m²6205 EUR
9Madrid12 m²4125 EUR
10Frankfurt31 m²12280 EUR
11Ambassador Lounge48 m210300 EUR
12Paris38 m²16320 EUR
14World20 m²8235 EUR
15Wall Street20 m²8235 EUR
17Dublin29 m²10265 EUR
19Hongkong17 m²8235 EUR
20St. Barth17 m²8235 EUR
22Runway I36 m²16320 EUR
22Runway II45 m²20350 EUR
22Runway I + II81 m²40625 EUR
24Tokio9 m²280 EUR
25New York9 m²280 EUR
26Milano9 m²280 EUR
27Bordeaux I 42 m²14320 EUR
27Bordeaux II 19 m²8205 EUR
27Bordeaux III22 m²8205 EUR
27Bordeaux I + II61 m²26460 EUR
27Bordeaux II + III42 m²20300 EUR
27Bordeaux I + II + III84 m²38625 EUR
28Strasbourg 44 m²17320 EUR
29Berlin I 87 m²22500 EUR
29Berlin II 38 m²8205 EUR
29Berlin I + II 125 m²70690 EUR

Samsung screens are installed in all rooms. Prices include the use of the screen.

Event Venues

30Restaurant290 m²2001.500 EUR
31Bar130 m²40275 EUR
32Smokers Lounge60 m²12350 EUR

Bathing Suites

23Bathing Suite I20 m²180 EUR
23Bathing Suite II20 m²180 EUR

Bathing suites are free to use for members. Guests pay the price listed.

* All prices are subject to the applicable VAT (currently 19%).

Download:   Pricelist Rooms (PDF)