General Terms and Conditions Airport Club Frankfurt GmbH


With the acceptance of the membership application, a membership contract between the applicant and the Airport Club Frankfurt GmbH, here after also referred to as „Airport Club“, is formed.


Members are entitled to use the Club’s premises in compliance with the Club Rules. The use of further facilities, such as office, secretarial and conference services as well as the restaurant, are available to members against payment and subject to availability. If a company is a member, this right of use will be conferred only upon the persons designated in the membership application. However, if a member is an individual member, he/she may change the entitled family members, and if a member is a company it may change the entitled persons if the Airport Club consents. The Airport Club will consent to such changes if there are no objections to the designated person in light of the desired Club atmosphere and all outstanding membership fees have been paid.


Members must pay an admission fee. Furthermore, an annual membership fee is due at the beginning of each year for membership during that calendar year. If a member is admitted to the Club on 1 July or later, only half of the annual fee will be charged. The amount of the admission fee and the annual fee correspond to the rates applicable upon conclusion of the membership contract. The Airport Club may adjust the annual fee with effect from 1 January of the following year. A respective adjustment will take effect from the beginning of the next calendar year and shall be communicated to the member six months before the end of the calendar year. The timely publication in the ‘Club News’ shall be sufficient for the effectiveness of the adjustment.

Neither the admission fee nor the annual fee will be reimbursed when the membership comes to an end.


Each member will receive a membership card after paying the admission fee, which will prove the member’s entitlement to use the Club facilities and consumption. Billing of consumption will occur on a monthly basis. The member may choose to settle this bill by direct debit or credit card. The membership card shall remain the property of the Airport Club and shall be returned to the club when membership has been ended.

When entering the Airport Club the membership number stored on the membership card as well as the date and time will be recorded. In addition, any consumption will be recorded for billing purposes. The Airport Club stores this data in compliance with the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz).


Members are obligated to comply with the Club Rules, which each candidate for membership receives prior to joining and are displayed in the Club. These Club Rules as well as the general terms and condi- tions can be adjusted by the Airport Club for objective reasons. A respective adjustment will be effective from the beginning of a new calendar year and shall be communicated to the member six months before the end of the calendar year. The timely publication in the „Club News“ shall be sufficient for the effectiveness of the adjustment.


The membership contract may be terminated by each party with three months’ notice to the end of each calendar year, otherwise the membership is renewed by an additional calendar year in each case. The right to extraordinary termination shall remain unaffected. In order to become effective a termination notice must be in writing. Neither the admission fee nor the annual fee will be reimbursed in any case if the membership is terminated.


The Airport Club is on principle not liable for da- mages of its members. This does not apply to a liability resulting from a breach of an essential contractual obligation and to a liability resulting from damage to life, limb or health of the member and it also does not apply to damages which result from a deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Airport Club, its legal representatives or persons used to perform his/her obligations. Essential contractual obligations are such obligations which must be fulfilled in order to make the ordinary execution of the contract possible in the first place and which the contracting party may regularly expect to be complied with. The essential contractual obligations shall include in particular, but not exclusively, the continuous access to the premises stated in § 2.

The member is requested to take care of any valuables as well as any attire carried along to the club. The Airport Club shall not undertake any supervision or duty of care regarding such objects.


No oral agreements were made in addition to this contract. Any adjustment to this contract must be in writing. This also applies to the revocation of the written form of the clause.


German law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt am Main.