Our members play a critical role in creating the special atmosphere of the Airport Club. To ensure that everybody can equally feel at ease, we ask you to strictly observe our club rules:

  • Please use your personal membership card to identify yourself when you enter the club
  • Note that your membership card is not transferable
  • Guests may enter only when accompanied by a club member
  • Please comply with our club rules and observe our dress code
  • Please also inform your guests about our club rules and the dress code
  • No pets allowed
  • Use of mobile phones in the restaurant is not allowed
  • Please provide the club secretary with all the data necessary for your membership, particulary changes to your address or bank data, in writing.

We would like to point out that, in the interests of all our members, our employees are authorised to refuse entry to the club or ask people to leave the club in the event of a violation of club rules.

Thank you for your understanding.


Since the Airport Club aims to preserve the tradition of club etiquette, we request that club members follow our dress code. The dress code specifies appropriate business clothing for club visits and during our events:

  • A suit/combination for men, tie not mandatory
  • A business suit or dress for women

Since our rooms all have air conditioning, it is possible to comply with the dress code no matter the outdoor temperature.