With news from the Airport Club Frankfurt and its partners, you can participate in club life even when you aren’t on site.

Airport Club Magazine 2021 2. March 2021 The fourth edition of our Airport Club Magazins is a special one. Instead of highlighting one country every year, we went against our usual concept. As a result of the Corona pandemic and its effects on people and businesses worldwide, … Continued
Airport Club Magazin 2020 2. March 2020 The third edition of the Airport Club Magazine is focussed on our partner country USA. Besides the diplomatic and economic relationships, the main theme this year certainly is the upcoming presidential election in the fall. Furthermore you get to know … Continued
Image brochure 4. February 2020 You want to learn about the benefits of our club? Simply download via the link below – and thank you for your recommendation! Download image brochure
Our Christmas Menues 21. October 2019 Let yourself and your guests be pampered with culinary delights in our cozy ambience.Our Christmas menus and fine wines provide the perfect setting for this year’s Christmas party. A PDF file with this year’s Christmas menus are available for download … Continued
Airport Club Magazin 2019 19. March 2019 The second edition of the Airport Club Magazine is focussed on our partner country Great Britain – not only with the current main topic Brexit a lively, interesting and important area. Furthermore you get to know some of our partners … Continued
REVIEW – NETWORK MEETING 12. March 2019 NETWORK MEETING FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS For the first time, we were inviting members, founders, managing directors, board members and women in other management positions to a presentation and reception in the Airport Club Frankfurt.The goal was to get to … Continued
CURRENT EXHIBITION 1. March 2019 Current exhibition at the Airport Club Frankfurt: James Lloyd, born in London in 1971, is one of England’s most renowned portraitists whose work has garnered many awards. His work draws on a number of diff erent English and European traditions … Continued
Previous Exhibition 13. March 2018 Previous exhibition at the Airport Club Frankfurt- Ren Rong Ren Rong is one of the world’s best known contemporary Chinese artists.His career has been impressive and noteworthy. Rong’s works regularly feature in international art fairs and have been exhibited in … Continued
Airport Club Magazine – Anniversary-issue 22. February 2018 The first issue of our Airport Club Magazine is a very special one! Celebrating our 30-year-anniversary we are very pleased to present you our new magazine. Get to know some of our partners, read about the big plans for our … Continued
Retrospect: Exhibition 19. June 2017 Previous exhibition at the Airport Club Frankfurt – Jörg Döring (JD) The exhibition showcased Jörg Döring with a selection of new works, which were shown for the first time at the Airport Club Frankfurt. Born in 1965, he has been … Continued