As a meeting place for personalities from business, politics and society, the Airport Club guarantees privacy and discretion at all times. The club membership is reserved for a selected and limited group of people in order to maintain the exclusivity of the club and club services.

When new members are admitted, we prefer to rely on the good recommendation of a club member, the shareholders or the management. This is how we create the best conditions for our members to meet special people in an exclusive atmosphere.

The membership entitles to the payment of all club services. It is managed either on a personal basis or through a company membership.

Membership Fees

We have convinced you of the advantages of being a member of the Airport Club and you or your company would like to apply for a membership application? Then we offer you on this page the possibility to fill out your application directly online.


Admission Fee ¹
1. Member1,000 EUR
Additional applicants500 EUR
Yearly fee ¹
1 to 2 member/-s1,500 EUR
3 to 4 members1,300 EUR
5 to 7 members1,200 EUR
8 to 9 members1,100 EUR
from 10 members1,000 EUR

Private Membership

Private Membership (incl. VAT)
Admission fee1,190 EUR
Yearly invoice1,785 EUR
Partnercard/Spousefree of charge
Dormant membership595 EUR

Application Form

Type of Membership
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Company Data
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Contact Person
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Partner Card
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Payment Details
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Credit Card Company
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¹ Prices plus applicable VAT of 19 %

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